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My bookkeeping is kept in a box and my checking account mixes personal and business

I have a formal bookkeeping system, but I’m not confident if it is in the right set up.

A bookkeeper or CPA helped me set up a system, but I don’t know if it is set up right for my industry

I have a solid bookkeeping system and I understand how it works. I get reports from the system, but I am not sure about how to use most of those reports.

I worked hand-in-glove with a solid CPA to set up a system that is appropriate for my industry. My bookkeeper, CFO, or CPA provides me with reports and analysis.

I also understand the system and use it to improve my company’s results.

I also have budgets created by month into the future and responsible individuals in the company review budgets on a regular basis. This information is used to make corrections to future budgets and to make changes as necessary throughout the company.

The further along with that progression your company operates, the more likely you are to be successful. It is surprisingly easy and inexpensive to reach level 6 in the 2020s. The systems and information available for sophisticated bookkeeping are readily available and affordable. The key to getting the best possible results requires one important step. Someone needs to care enough to make sure the information going in is correct, that the system produces reports that are useful, and that someone is reading and analyzing the results.

making money

Shaila Chamberlain, CPA, and CMA has just co-authored a book with me that speaks to these issues. Rather than try to include an entire book on this page, may I just recommend you buy a copy.

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