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Working As A Handyman;
How To Make
$2000 A Week

How to Make $2000 a week as a Handyman
with Very Low Investment

If you are good with tools, following directions, and figuring out how to make things work, you can make at least $100,000 a year ($2000 a week) doing odd jobs for folks in your city as a handyman. It requires almost no investment, and the demand is huge. In the next few minutes, we’re going to provide you everything you need to know to get into the business. And at the end, there’s a surprise way to score even more income you won’t want to miss. 

The demand for handyman services in many areas is off the charts. While a good handyman is almost always going to be able to fill his available hours, in the current climate, homeowners and rental companies are willing to wait weeks to get good service.


Warning – this business is cyclical and can get slow in recessions.

Those who are offering quality repairs and installations and good customer service will keep very busy even in tough years. 


Let’s start by addressing a couple of obvious things, skills and equipment. 

As noted above, you shouldn’t enter this business unless you are good with tools and capable of learning completely new things to become a handyman. Every job might require the installation of a product you’ve never seen before or the repair of some odd situation. If you are good, but not great at these things, seek employment with somebody already in the business. Later you might choose to strike out on your own. 

Even if you are quite solid in the various aspects of handyman work, you’ll run into odd jobs. Today, this is not an issue. Use YouTube to find the answers to almost every unique case. 

You might choose to specialize. Maybe you don’t want any painting or wallpapering. Maybe you hate dealing with electrical issues. Possibly you don’t have the tools for irrigation system repairs. Figure out what you feel comfortable doing, and don’t be afraid to turn down the work that isn’t for you. 

What about the startup expenses? If you are handy, you probably already have lots of tools, and you undoubtedly already drive a truck. Buying used tools at swap meets or online can fill in some missing spots. You can also buy tools on Amazon that will generally arrive next day. More expensive tools can often be rented at a rental yard or Home Depot. 

Speaking of Home Depot and your local hardware and lumber yards. You’ll want to set up an account at these places, so that you can get a discount on your purchases. Often you will also be able to take advantage of extended hours when only contractors are allowed in the shop. 

Now, let's talk about getting customers. All of the following is DIY and most is totally free, but I have helped handymen build their businesses. So, if you’d like to spend your time wielding a hammer and not figuring out how to do the marketing, you might want to set up an appointment using this link Set Appointment -, or send an email to 

If you feel that you need more preparation, you can learn to do almost any project online or enroll in classes at your local community college. 


You will need a website. You can create a free website using Google My Business. I explain how in this video.

However, you will do better if you create a simple 3-5-page website. On the homepage of this website, I want you to write a 2000-word article about how important it is to hire a good handyman, how to make that decision and some examples of your work showing the details you go to on certain common jobs. Yes, that’s a lot of words. You only need to do it once, and it will help your website get found. 

You will also want to put up a YouTube video showing you doing a detailed job that you know all the details about. You could do several of these on various repairs or installations. You could also have before and after photos. 

Setting up a website like this is easy. I use You might prefer another platform. This will cost you something under $300 a year if you do it all yourself. I link to a video and an article that gives more details on how to set up a simple website. 

More opportunities on YouTube. You will want to create a YouTube channel, then get a friend with a steady hand to shoot a video of you teaching. You want to show how you take extra care or do things in a special way to differentiate you from others. The video does not need to be professionally edited. 

You might also want to put your information on Yelp. Just go to and sign up. 

Now you’ll want to be listed on all the specialized handyman sites, such as,,,, and I understand that Amazon has a services section, but I have done no investigation on this. 

Next, you’ll want to talk about your effort on social media. Just do so on whatever social media you are already active on. Make it fun. “I’ve decided to become a handyman. What an adventure. I like to do odd jobs, and I know I can help folks out.”  Then later. “I was reading this article today about some new smart home products, and did you know…..”   Then “Wow! I got my first job as a handyman. Can you believe it? Do you know anyone who needs work done?”

Simple stuff like that will get the word out to your own group of family and friends. Many of your early clients will come from that group. You might discount a bit in the beginning to build clientele. If they like you, they’ll tell others. 


A Website Is a Very Good Idea In Working As A Handyman

You will get the vast majority of your customers from Google My Business. You are probably familiar with Google My Business when you search for any kind of business, like when you are looking for a bike shop or an Italian restaurant. When you Google handyman, very near the top of the page, you’ll get something that looks like this. 


You notice right away that only 3 handyman businesses are listed here. Listen to me carefully here. If you want to make a lot of money doing handyman work, it is your primary job in life to become one of those three. For handymen, this is not very hard, but it will still take about 20 hours of work to learn how. I have provided multiple videos here at Small Business Daily that will help you set your business up in a way that will get you into the top three. 

You Need to Find Customers

So how do you get to $100,000 a year? That is $50 per hour for 40 hours a week, 50 weeks per year. You may or may not be able to charge $50 an hour in your first year, but in most markets, you probably can. If you are only 18 or so, you might want to start out at $35 an hour which is still $70,000 a year when working 40 hours. 

No matter where you start, by year two you should be at $50 or more per hour. 

Of course, if you work more hours or sell parts you can make much more, and we’ll cover that later in the article. If you live in a rich neighborhood, you can definitely earn more. You can also hire lower-cost labor to assist you, thereby earning money on their work.  

Taking a Look at the Numbers In Starting A Business
As A Handyman

After completing all the above, if you still want to create more buzz, try creating some videos. These can be shorts for YouTube Shorts, Instagram, or TikTok, where you might give one tip or a short example of how to do some job that will beautify their home or make life easier. Smart device installation and instruction is a really good one right now. 

Other Ways to Make Money

⦁    Selling Products and Parts – Many of your jobs will require parts or even materials. You should make a profit if you secure these for the client. Generally, you will get a discount at lumber yards, paint shops, hardware stores, etc. You can also become a business account on Amazon. When you buy it wholesale, you can now sell it for retail to your client.  

⦁    Sell Related Products – Become an Amazon affiliate. When your clients need a home product that you are not able to buy wholesale, recommend a specific item on Amazon, and ask the family to use your link. You might even end up making affiliate commissions on a new TV or microwave. It doesn’t cost your client anything, and you make extra.

⦁    Make commission from referrals to others - if you do all the above, you will soon have a completely full docket and a waiting list. You could refer your clients to other handymen when you are too overloaded, and they need fast service. You can do this out of kindness, or you can charge the other handyman for each job. You could ask for a one-time fee ($25 or so) or charge a commission (15% possibly.) 


  • Obviously, you want to be sure they do quality work

  • Don’t get into I’ll refer you if you refer my deals. They are almost always one-sided. Either do it for free or charge. Don’t expect they’ll refer you. 

  • Referrals can become a very big business if you get commissions from licensed contractors, flooring installers, and such. 

More Content on YouTube/Instagram/TikTok

Create a postcard size ad that you can post on bulletin boards at local stores, community centers, and even college campuses. 

Advertise on Craig’s List or other similar platforms

Property Managers - First stop: Go online and find all the property managers around you. Pick up the phone or go visit and just let them know that you are in business as a handyman, what you specialize in, and ask them for anything you should do to get work with them. Most property managers are desperate for good handymen.


Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers – Every realtor and loan officer worth their salt needs to have one or more great handymen on their list. You could just send out emails, but it would be better to actually make phone calls. You’re not asking for anything other than to be considered when their client needs somebody. 

Lumberyards and Hardware Stores – Most lumberyards and hardware stores are only too happy to post your business card or even recommend handymen they trust. Build a reputation with as many as possible and they will send you plenty of business.  

Other Tradespeople – Get on the phone and start meeting with other handymen, plumbers, electricians, etc. Even if you are a direct competitor with these companies, they might not really want certain low invoice jobs, and you might not want the complex jobs that only a licensed contractor should really do. Many handymen can get all the clients they need just from the jobs the licensed guys don’t want. Sometimes they will want to hire you as a sub. 

Power Partners Can Send You Lots of Customers As A Handyman

These are questions many Handymen ask: 

Do I need to set up an LLC or Corporation? 

The following is not legal advice, but business advice. If you have substantial assets, you definitely want to incorporate. 

Do I need insurance? 

It would be a good idea. Speak with your insurance agent about possible coverages for a handyman business

Is it better to be specialized or do everything?

Generally speaking, you are better off to specialize. You can generally charge more per hour. However, a broad offering may be necessary in soft years. 

Do I charge for travel time?

You certainly want to be aware of the cost of travel time. If the job is small, and it is half an hour to the job, yes. If the job is two hours away, absolutely, even if the job is big. If you need to go to the hardware store for parts. Yes. 

Do I need a license?

Every state is different. You might need a contractor’s license for certain kinds of work or certain size jobs. Read this article.

Here is an article that gives you some more depth.


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