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The OUTDOOR MARKETING options are billboards and other similar signage, vehicle wraps and other moving signs, bus benches and mass transit stations, aircraft (blimps, skywriting, banners), and sign flippers, sandwich boards, and building signage.


By far, the most important of these is building signage. Any company that has a physical space and hopes to attract passersby into the establishment, spending effort and money on proper signage is a very big deal.


Most cities, developers, and/or landlords/managers, have strict rules regarding signs of any kind, including the primary business name sign, banners, window treatments, and sandwich boards, or other signs that are outside the space.


In creating special weekend sales, grand openings, or other events, those same groups will also have something to say about balloons, searchlights, and the use of the parking lot.


Check the ordinances to see how much latitude you will have. Your goal is to get a sign that is large as possible, visible to traffic in all directions, and able to be lit at night. Local sign makers can be a huge help in designing and dealing with local laws and rules of your management.


One huge mistake to avoid. Don’t be so cute that no one gets it. Use fonts that are easy to read. If any art, make it obvious to everyone what the art means relative to your business. Colors should speak to your niche, if possible.


Keep in mind that the name on the sign should be the name on your license and the name you will use on GoogleMyBusiness (GMB), Yelp, etc. GMB will give you at least one word of latitude, but you are better off to name your company Dave’s Billiards, rather than just Dave’s, or The Cue Stick. Keywords matter today.

I know very little about the other subject related to outdoor marketing.

Any experts in the field who would like to contribute using a Zoom interview or by contributing written content,

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