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No, of course, you don’t have one of these.

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BONUS IDEA – before you read the rest, this is the most important idea on the page. Video your training sessions, possibly even use Zoom for this. By creating videos of your training, future training can be partially or completely done through the use of these videos. In addition, trainees can go back and revisit the refresher videos. Managers also can review the recordings to check for both mistakes and outstanding work. New videos can be done to optimize the training.

BONUS IDEA 2 – The Internet is loaded with training videos about every subject. Train your new hires in the specifics of their job and simultaneously, train them to become experts at researching subjects on the web. Ask them to learn everything they can about a specific task. Then, have them send you the URLs for the videos, websites, blogs, etc., where they have received excellent instruction. This can be done before, during, or after your instruction on the task. You may also give precise online information you want them to see.

I happen to subscribed to the Ronald Reagan School of management. Hire the best and let them do their job. Train once. No such thing as retraining. Keep an open door and mind to any and all ideas, challenges, opportunities, and new approaches. Brainstorm with management on everything affecting them, even remotely. Set very clear objectives. Have managers make their own promises regarding timing for execution. Have peers hold them accountable.

Tell, Show, Watch/Coach,

Student Teaches, On Their Own



Begin by telling your students what they need to know. Make sure the environment is wide open to questions, including dumb questions. Answer everything patiently.



Have the student teach you and/or others the task. We learn the most through teaching.



Show how the task is to be done. Keep the questions flowing.



If the teaching goes well, the employee is ready to be on their own. No hovering, micromanaging or taking over. Set key performance indicators if you like, or let the employee set their own.



Have the student do the task while you watch. Your participation can be very involved or more distant. Coach as necessary. Best if all the coaching is after the task. If the job is completed reasonably well, move on. If not, redo. Offer plenty of time for questions.

Personally, I think that’s all that needs to be said on training. However, I am open to hear what other training professionals might say on the subject. I’d love to add to this page your ideas. Send me your thoughts at

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