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production manager


You’ve got the orders. You’ve got the facilities, equipment, raw materials, and people necessary to produce products or services. The production manager sits at the crossroads and makes sure that the orders get filled on time, correctly, with quality products and services, and within cost expectations. Every organization has this role, whether it is the owner of a small business or one or more employees of a larger company. It is often the make-or-break position for success.

The key to this position is precision, which today means automation. CRM’s help at the front end and industry-specific work-flow systems typically manage the back end. The production manager needs to be able to understand these systems and be a part of the team that is constantly improving the key metrics.

In some cases, the managers of various production units report to the production manager. And while purchasing is integral to the success of this position, the purchasing department usually does not report to the production manager. This position does require people skills, including the ability to play as a team. He or she is the link between the “front end” and the “back end” of the company, and sometimes there are “issues” between these two groups.

Some companies have no designated and independent QC person. It is extremely wise to have someone who can check the quality of your output. CPA’s, lawyers, therapists commonly have such systems. Many larger manufacturers do. But is anyone doing QC in your company; someone who can honestly report quality issues with assurance that changes will be made? Usually, QC reports to the production manager or the CEO or both.

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