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“Tell me who is trying to break in and what tools they’re bringing, and I’ll build a defense to keep them out.” Security industry mantra


There are many facets to the security of the assets and people in any business. The facilities manager is going to be concerned about the building, the equipment, fixtures, and inventory in the building, the parking area, any property off campus, including vehicles, and the people. For these purposes, we will also include VIP security under facilities management.

Other aspects of security would be financial, including embezzlement or other internal thefts of cash, cash transfer protection, safeguarding of other financial instruments, employee theft, shoplifting, cybercrimes, and fraud. Many of these are covered elsewhere on this site.


The second mantra in security: Harden your building in such a way as criminals will be more likely to break into your neighbor's easier building rather than yours. In the overall scheme of things, state of the art doors, windows, locks, and other exterior hardware are an extremely small expense compared

to their worth. Then, use signage to deliver your message. Let the thieves know that you’re using top of the line security.


Like so many things in the world of electronics, cameras have come down in cost while improving exponentially in capability. Artificial intelligence (AI) can now be integrated into the camera to increase the likelihood of early detection of behavior you’re looking to “see.” Then the AI can filter out the things you don’t care to see, reducing false alarms. 360-degree technologies also multiply the effectiveness.

Cameras are no longer limited to visual, bit affordable cameras can detect temperatures (check the temperature of individuals entering the building, for instance.) They can read and convert numbers and letters into data (e.g. identify license plates entering a parking area.)

Cameras can be mounted to drones to provide a roving inspection, reducing the need for foot patrol, and fixing the issue of blocking the camera’s view.


Many companies and government agencies find they need to have a human layer of protection, whether this is someone patrolling inside a retail store, outside a building, checking perimeters, or acting as a bodyguard for an executive or VIP.

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